Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Impressions of Lyon

Yes! I already went to class yesterday and it was good, because I'm a group of people that more or less have the same level as me... and the teacher was kind of young she was giving us a lot of positive energy.
I don't know yet which places to go around here, well, at the moment there is an excursion to Avignon at the end of the month with the school so I'll try to apply to go there. And then, if I have the change to visit places like that I'll take it, you know, once here...

The city is really pretty! Is a kind of Paris but a little smaller, in the center there are those small streets with those small restaurants with a nice atmosphere, and there are two rivers crossing the city with nice bridges and the views are so nice.

Then, the residence is quite new and quite big! Is not like the one in California that was older and smaller... The rooms are quite small but is enough and there are some kitchens in each floor, yesterdey I went to the kitchen to have dinner, and I talked with a group of young americans, then, they left and a french girl with her mother came to clean some dishes... I think in SF was easier to meet people because we had the breakfast for free and everybody was there at that time, and also because whe shared rooms... Well, we'll see!