Sunday, July 17, 2011

One day in Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva is a city in Switzerland quite close to Lyon in France, you can go with the TGV the same day and come back. The price of the ticket is cheap, around 50 € and one day is enough to see the important places and to walk around.
First, we went to the international buildings area and we saw the United Nations headquarters, as well as Red Cross and Unicef Headquarters, then we go trow the Botanic Garden and we arrived to the lake.
Geneva is build all around the lake, so we walked besides the lake and then we crossed the bridge and we got to the old town.
The city is quite nice and interesting, I thought it was going to be bigger, but is not that big, you can walk everywhere. One interesting thing that I saw is that there are a lot of Arabian people like in London. You can see a lot of expensive cars.
Is a nice place to go to spend one day and do some sightseeing.