Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Malena and Maverick

34 years ago my parents came home with my twin sisters. I hid under the table and told them to take them back. Luckily they didn't pay any attention to a 3 year old as they have been one of my greatest gifts. Today Manuel and I have been fortunate to welcome twins Malena Kathleen and Maverick Agustin into this world. There may be times ahead when we may want to hide under the table but if we have half of the love and support we have already been shown by all our family and friends we know we will survive!!!

Bienvenidos Maverick y Malena. Nacidos el 6 de agosto en Zürich. Si alguien quiere cuidar a dos bebes durante los fines de semana por favor responder esté mensaje. Gracias

Margo and Manuel